Old Poetry

Greetings on this cold winter’s morning.

So, the other day, my mother found an ancient autograph book / diary full of poems and odd little sayings. They were a source of much amusement in our lounge room, and I thought I’d share some of  them for a giggle.

There’s music in a tin can

There’s music in a nail

There’s music in a tomcat

If you pull his tail

And this cheeky lil one:

Rain is falling all around

Hide ‘neath your umbrella

Keep yourself from prying eyes

As you’re kissing some young fella

My personal favourite:

Two is company, but there were three

The maid, the parlour lamp, and he

Two is company, without a doubt

That’s why the parlour lamp went out


And there I was thinking that back in the day they were all so proper. 😛

Unfortunately, that’s enough procrastination for the day. I have a lot of illustrations to do and a deadline looming up, so I better get going. Big things are happening with Elephant House Press. Keep your eyes peeled!

Pencils and rubbers, here I come.



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