I have achieved!

Hello wonderful readers,

I worked all day yesterday on my artefact, writing and editing and rewriting and re-editing. There is still stacks to do, but I’m really pleased with where I am with it. I’m beginning to think I may run out of words! Editing is my friend, believe me.

Unfortunately, this will be my last post before I officially hand this blog in, as I am spending the weekend away with some friends and won’t access the internet until Monday, the day after this is due.

So, I bid you farewell. Thank you for perusing through characters and ramblings and excellent songs with me. I have absolutely loved it. ^_^

Signing off for the last time,

Ela Colangelo

P.S. One last excellent song before I head off. This was on repeat most of yesterday, and it’s good for background work music. It’s called Kiss the Sky by Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra, featuring Nino Mochella. I discovered it through playing Borderlands, and I think it is quite excellent.



The End

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