I am speaking on behalf of historical Ela, aka, yesterday morning at 9am.

So. You know when you work super, super hard on an assignment to get it in on time? All the planning, drafting, rewriting, and editing. All the socialisation that you missed out on (“sorry Daniel, I’d love to play Fallout 4 at yours [legit, Fallout 4 is actually awesome], but I gotta study”). You stay up late to finish the last little details and the reference list, even when you’re drained from your late dance class, then wake up early the next morning just to do one final proof read. You nod determinedly, look up the assignment drop box to hand it in (a whole day early! Yasss), when you see it.

Your eyes widen. Your jaw drops. Your hand touches your brow in the face-palm of defeat. You skim it again, daring to believe it, those terrible words which render all your sacrifices meaningless.


Arghhhh, the agony! The horror! Fallout 4, how I miss thee!

Now, if only I could take that extension and use it on another assignment due this week, that would be excellent. But alas, I must hereby return to dry readings and scurried words before I get too distracted on this blog.

Farewell from a drama queen,





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