Stream of consciousness

Listening to one of my favourite songs, Hell and Back by Kid Ink ft. Machine Gun Kelly. It’s just that music at the beginning, I love it so much.

Here’s a stream of consciousness I wrote while listening.

driving up a curving road, with golden sunlit trees swaying around us. we are laughing, thinking about rose gold memories. we laugh and joke, being gangstas. we come to a valley, with puddles of mist. It’s beuatiful and peaceful and mysterious, but in an adnventurous way. we luxiousriouly stretch and kiss, unbuckling our seatbelts, our hands getting tangled in each other’s hair. then he stops kissing me with a grin and jumps out he car. we walk togeher, playfully shoving and teasing. we come aacross an old cottage, ade of stone. bright, colourful graffiti stains the walls and it’s lonely and bueatufil and wonderous. we climb the walls, my hair getting tangled. we’re smiling at each other. we climb to the top of the wall and strethc, our fists to the sky, victorious and triumphant together.

Apologies for the terrible spelling. I won’t fix it. I like the spur-of-the-moment feel.


There’s something about adventures and urban settings and graffiti that I absolutely love. I really want my artefact to display these qualities, though I’m not sure how I could write 4,500 words just about that. I need storylines. Maybe graffiti battles.

I don’t want it to be messy and political though. There has to be an innocence, a playfully dangerous adventure. Maybe that girl with the jar of teeth is a character. Maybe they use graffiti and street art as doorways to jump from street to street, or is that cliche? Why would they do that anyway, where would they be going? Maybe it’s a code. Maybe the painted animals and figures come alive at night. Or perhaps the graffiti splashed on trains are like a travelling code.


I want the feeling of my stories to be the same feeling you get when you finally get that trick on your skateboard. The same feeling when you wake up and the sunshine is peeking over the horizon, and the flood of possibilities tingles your nerves. The feeling when you’re awake at 2 in the morning and you feel like you could do anything because nobody but the stars will see. That feeling when you climb to the very top of that tree and can see the land spread out before you and freedom tugs at you. The feeling when you can’t help but smile because your life is in front of you and you can do anything.


I want all those crazy, exciting, adventurous feelings in my stories. It’s just coaxing them inside that’s the tricky part.




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